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Every campaign begins with Facebook ads.

under the company META, so we call them META ads

META ads are easily repurposed into ads on: 

  • Instagram 

  • YouTube

  • Google

  • TikTok

  • Twitter /

  • Linkedin, Pinterest, Reddit, Amazon.... the list goes on 

META ads can connect to your business FB or IG profiles. 

META ads enable us to: 

  • Test demographics such as location, age, interests, etc. to find which audience responds to your brand. 

  • Create photo and video creatives to find winning advertisements.

  • Optimize to below $1 PPC. 

  • Define the campaign objectives.

Then, it's time to draft our battle plan...

Before we speak, decide which of the following is your primary goal: 

1. Brand Awareness

2. Touch points

3. Sales

(Website visits, inquiries, customer calls, etc.)

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